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Serpol Gel II Συντηρητικό Ξύλου / Βιοκτόνο 300cc
15,00 €

Wood care in gel form, suitable for protection against wood-eating insects (woodworm, termites) and fungi, therapeutic and preventive. The product is ready to use and is applied with a brush or by injection into holes created by insects. It is odorless, does not alter the appearance of wood and does not stain plastics and metals. After Serpol, it is possible to apply any paint or varnish.

Serpol gel contains the pyrethroid insecticide permethrin in a ratio of 0.7% w / w, the fungicide propiconazole 1.21% w / w and the carrier of the above active ingredients, dearomatized isoparaffin in a content of 97.96% w / w. The carrier of the preparation facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients in the body of the wood, without them being released into the environment. The penetration depth depends on the type of wood and ranges from 3-6.5cm. Maximum absorption is achieved when the pores of the wood are free.

Type Wood Protection / Insecticide Gel
Capacity 300cc